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Be Activated - Be 123 is a whole body activation system

Be Activated – Be 123


Be Activated is a neuromuscular activation technique developed by Douglas Heel, a physiotherapist and performance coach from South Africa.

The system is based on the premise that your body is designed to move efficiently and effortlessly. But due to stress, trauma, injury, or poor posture, your muscles can lose their optimal function and create compensations and dysfunctions which leads to pain, injury, fatigue, and poor performance.

Be Activated aims to restore the natural balance and harmony of your body by using a series of tests and techniques to identify and correct these imbalances.

Stimulation of specific pressure points on your body and breathing exercises are used to activate the muscles and nervous system.

By doing so, the system helps to improve posture, alignment, strength, power, flexibility, reduce pain, increase energy, and enhance overall wellbeing.

I visited Eva for a Be Activated series of massage sessions. I don’t have a specific ‘complaint’ but I do have a series of bad habits I wanted to address.

Eva was professional, thorough and highly efficient. At the end of each session we could both tell that there had been positive change.

I would definitely recommend Eva and the Be Activated approach especially if you think you have tried everything. 

~ L.