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You start life flexible and nimble.
You grow full of vitality and feel indestructible.

Then things happen as you get older.
The aches and pains set in, you experience reduced mobility
… and think “this is normal, right?”

No, not really.

While ageing definitely influences your body and recovery times, much of what is assumed to be “normal” wear and tear is actually the accumulated result of injury, poor posture, and harmful habits.

But a lot of it can be reduced, and sometimes even reversed, if you take action sooner than later.

Massage is one of the greatest tools in your recovery from aches, pains, and reduced mobility.

Eva Lotta from Fit4You Castle Hill massage therapy welcomes you
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Massage is an holistic therapy that works across all aspects of your wellbeing.

Massage relieves the aches and pains in your body.

Which soothes your stressed-out mind.

Which calms your nervous system.

Which allows you to sleep better and wake up refreshed.

You then feel lighter in your body and find it easier to be active.

And when your mind is clearer,  your energy is more stable.

You then have:

Energy to play with your kids or grandkids

Greater fitness to enjoy your active lifestyle

Better focus and productivity in your business or career

More availability to support your loved ones

• Deeper relaxation and feeling good in your body.

What can massage help you with?

Through a variety of approaches, I support you with relieving or healing:

Aches and pains – e.g., backpain, tight neck, headache
Inflammation or swelling – e.g., reduced mobility, arthritis
Pregnancy stress – e.g., sore back, aching legs
Strains – e.g., rotator cuff, hips, knees
Stress and anxiety – e.g., tight muscles, clenching teeth
Surgical recovery – e.g., scar tissue, effects of trauma

What other benefits does massage offer?

Massage increases blood flow and supports lymphatic drainage, essential in your body’s healing and detoxing.

Depending on your needs, massage can sooth and calm you during stressful times, or actively release pain points and rehabilitate injury.

Essentially, massage removes the overwhelming strain on your body so your own healing system works better at returning you to equilibrium.

I was looking for massage relief for the ongoing pain in my rotator cuff, neck and back. All the massage and physio I’d had before temporarily soothed the pain and I assumed there was no other option.

But then Eva took me through the Be Activated process, supported by remedial massage, which released significant blocks and tightness in my whole body… and months later they are still as good!

I can now go up and down the stairs with ease because my feet, knees and hips are all moving how they should. I feel more balanced in my body and naturally sitting with better posture. Because I’m not dealing with the same ongoing aches and pains, I have more energy and emotional balance.

Eva has so much knowledge about the mechanisms of the body and how one thing affects another, and intuitively draws on whichever modality your body needs in each session. As a healthcare practitioner, she doesn’t offer ‘just massage’ but a holistic body care system.

~ Artemiss

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