Personal Training

Personal Training is great to help you keep motivated, help you set goals, keep you accountable for your results and learn lots.

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Movement is key, always find time to move everyday, use your body and train for longevity and make it fun.

I believe in teaching my clients all the do’s and dont’s for their specific needs. This will ensure that you as the client get the most out of each training sessions and also be able to train with confidence in your own time which will in return maximise your results no matter what your goal is.

FIT4YOU Offer:

– One-On-One  60 minutes $80 (includes access to our small training groups too*)

All the focus is on YOU and your goals.
– Two-on-One PT 60 minutes $40 each

Why not share the fun with your best friend.

– Mothers Group          $120 / 10 sessions or $200 / 20 sessions

As a mum of 3 I understand that we are busy, it can be hard to get ready and get out of the house at a certain time and getting used to having a little person with you at all times.
These sessions are flexible so you can join in at any time if you are late and when you are there it is ok to sit on the side and feed the baby, change nappies etc.
All exercises are suited for all mums of any fitness level. The sessions focus on posture, correct breathing, restoring your pelvic floor and core including help for those with diastasis recti (abdominal split) and teaching you exercises that you can do in your own time and they don’t take long to do.

Current sessions are 9:30-10:30am Mondays and Wednesdays (make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and changes)
– Animal Flow 

New 8 week beginner program starting 1st September 2017 at Our Sacred Space, 584 Old Northern Road, Dural. Time: 11:30am-12pm and / or 12:30-1pm.

Animal Flow has come to Castle Hill and it is changing the way we move!
Bodyweight training is the best tool you can ever use for your training; you bring it with you everywhere you go, doesn’t require a lot of space, you can make it as easy or as hard as you want/can – there is always a new challenge waiting with body weight training, never stop exploring.

Animal flow aids mobility, strength, cardio everything you can possibly ask from a full body workout.

Check out: For more information on Animal Flow.


Ready to get moving? Contact us now 0405 442 711 or email:

Animal Flow Mentorship with Mike Fitch 2017


Always time for a pose


Be mindful, be present.


*Terms and Conditions – minimum one private session per fortnight to have unlimited access to small group training.